Vacuum metallizing is a process which a simulated chrome finish is applied to a non-porous substrate such as plastic, metal or glass. This is done under a vacuum atmosphere by evaporating an extremely thin layer of aluminum onto the surface to be coated. The machine used to perform the operation is called a vacuum metallizer.

A vacuum metallized finish bonds to almost any surface resulting in a gleaming product visually indistinguishable from an electroplated part. Vacuum metallizing can be used to coat non-conductive or difficult-to-plate materials such as plastics, glass and non-ferrous metals.
Advantages Over Electroplating
A vacuum metallized finish enhances the smoothness of the base material often eliminating the need for expensive polishing procedures and is therefore generally less expensive than electroplating.
Wide Range of Finishes
Vacuum metallizing offers a wide range of finishes simulating gold, brass, bright aluminum and other colors.
Environmentally Friendly Processing
Our company provides all of these advantages without the use of toxic chemicals normally associated with the electroplating process.